1. 1. Overall, did you find that your web tool was an easy program to use? Why?
Yes, because everything is right in front of you and there are no secret buttons to access items you need, it’s all in front of you, you just have to highlight a button with you cursor and it’ll tell you what that button does.
2. What was easy about your web tool? What was challenging about your web tool?
Fully explain. “Nothing” doesn’t work!
The easy thing about pixton is you have a lot of variety of backgrounds and props to use, and it's self-explanatory or you could use the how to videos, then again the challenging thing about pixton is the lack of backgrounds and characters you have and sometimes when you select a pose for a character it either comes out as a different pose or goes off screen but you just select it again and it’ll be fine.

3.What things do you feel you still need to work on with your web tool to become more of an expert in or you wish you knew more about? Give 2 examples please.
I think I’m already an expert or know everything that is available to basic members
But there are features available to paying members. These features include: creating your own unlimited characters, choosing a larger layout, print and download, advanced comic maker, upload pics and photos, super profile page, create contests, team comics, and animation.

4. If you were to give yourself a rating from 1 to 10, 1 being that you didn't even try you web tool and 10 being that you know every single thing about it and I could test you on it right now and you would get 100%, what would you rate yourself at? Why?
I would rate myself as an 8 because I don’t know some features that only members can use but the other features that basic members can access I know all of it.