Day 1. Explain what your challenge is going to be for the next 20 days.
Everyone needs a starting point. What is your starting point? Your job is to create a video explaining what your challenge is, why you chose the challenge, how you are going to be successful with this challenge, what are you going to when you get frustrated with this challenge. Make sure you demonstrate your starting point.

Day 2. Find one person that is going to be your accountability person during your challenge? This person will check in with you daily to see how your challenge is going.
Everyone needs an accountability buddy! Who is going to keep you accountable or make sure that you are doing this challenge? Explain who this person is and answers the who, what, where, when, why. You choose what method of documentation for this answer.
The person keeping me accountable will be my brother He's going to make sureHe's going to do this because he's my brother and and I trust him.

Day 3. Instagram SHOUT OUT DAY!
What is your Instagram going to look like today? Capture an image or a 15 second video that tells the story of your challenge.

Day 4. You’re texting your best friend about your journey.
Replicate a texting conversation between you and your accountability buddy, about your journey so far. A minimum of 10 back and forth exchanges need to occur. There MUST be content with in the texts, not just "yeah, ok" This can be done through a screen capture or paper and pen drawing speech bubbles. Use your imagination or capture a real-life conversation.
have you done your home work?
yeah just finished
for what subjects
math and science
cool was it hard
no it was pretty easy except for a few questions
so what did you do
well I might ask the teacher tomorrow for help
can't you look it up on the internet
yah, I think I'll do that

Day 5. Re-evaluate.
Day 5 in! What are your thoughts? Create a blog post that highlights the ups and downs, so far, of this 20 day challenge!
So far this challenge(like I predicted) has been easy, When it comes to homework it's not that hard to do if you have homework you do it or try to finish it. There have been times where I haven't finished it but i do it the very next day which I think will be my plan if I ever fall behind. So far I have had no homework except for 2-3 times and I've done them so i don't really have a lot to say. Although I have homework today that's due for Monday but if I have a couple of days to do it I usually do it on the last day.

Day 6. What are 5 positive things about your journey so far?
Capture 5 images that capture explains emotions of your journey thus far!

Day 7. Try something new with your challenge that you haven't done so far.
Capture a video of what you are doing that is new!

Day 8. Find a YouTube video, website, or blog of somebody that is practicing your challenge or has done a challenge similar to yours.
This is what it states! Make it happen and MAKE SURE you can reference it again!

Day 9. Pick one bad habit that you have about your challenge and ditch it!
It is your job to explain what is your bad habit when it comes to your challenge. Use a descriptive paragraph to answer this question. Use full description to capture your thoughts, feelings, and emotions regarding your challenge!
One bad habit that I have is doing the home work at the last minute. I would usually do this before I started this challenge and I tried to change it but I kept slacking off. When I did slack off I would feel bad, so far I've only slacked once but luckily I still have time to finish it. I think this challenge isn't that hard to complete really I'm doing what I'm supposed to do finish the school day's work and have it ready for the next day. The one assignment that I did forget to do I'm going to try to finish it today and hand it in tomorrow, this I think will be my plan if I ever to forget to do it, finish it the next day or asap.

Day 10. Write the Pros and Cons of your journey
Make a T chart! Don't tell me you don't know what that is! Try to come up with 10 points and let's see where they land!

Day 11. Find another person in your life who you think you need to inspire today. Tell them about your journey and how are you going to inspire them to pursue their own challenge to better themselves
This is a "Tell Your Jouney" day. There is no recording! All you have to do is record the name of the person you spoke to and what did you challenge them with?
I inspired Josh Palen to do his homework on time.

Day 12. Email or video a parent or guardian about your journey so far
Email or video a parent or guardian about the 20 day challenge. This must include a link to this website, and showing whatever documentation you have done so far with your challenge. This must be documented by having the parent respond to your email by having them in the video in someway. This is yet another way to show accountability.

Day 13. Wake up early and practice your challenge before coming to school
Good luck with this, but why not? IT'S ONE DAY!!! Have some sort of video or still image documentation of you working on your challenge, AND THE CLOCK! Screen capture if you need to!

Day 14. Do something that scares you about your challenge
This is a Saturday! You have ALLLLLLL day to complete this task! Video blog needs to happen!

Day 15. Don't complain about your challenge for the whole day
How are you taking negative thoughts and turning them into a positive? Share your thoughts and words but how you do it is up to you! (wordle, collage, etc.). This is a Sunday! You can complete your answers on Monday, but complete the task on Sunday!!!!

Day 16. You're texting your accountability partner about your journey to date. What does that conversation look like?
What does a conversation look like between you and your accountability buddy? How are you being supported? This could be screen captured or represented in a way you choose!

Day 17. Stop! What has been your true beliefs about this challenge, so far?
This is a choice between a blog post or a video blog. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF!

Day 18. Two days left!! Tweet out your thoughts!
In 140 characters, what is going on?

Day 19. Has this challenge changed your self-confidence
Describe yourself in words! What have you learned about yourself? What would you tell your 20 day younger self about your journey? What was difficult? What was rewarding? Are you glad you chose this challenge? Would you do another challenge like this, again?

Day 20. Video your reflection of the last 20 days
THIS IS IT!! YOU MADE IT!!! YOUR FINAL DAY!!! Re-watch your Day 1 video blog. Now it is your job to give a day 20 video blog! Share your thoughts, show your skills, talk about what was good and bad about this experience.